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Why use SMJ Homecare Maintenance Services?


SMJ Homecare can provide some relief from your hectic day by taking over your regular and emergency maintenance. Whether you own one home or a large portfolio of rental properties, once we have an idea of what the frequency of the work is, the timescales we are working to and your monthly/annual budget, we will take care of all your maintenance.


Close up of wire testing happening

5- Year Fixed Wire Testing

close up of a Gas stove

Gas Inspections

Male doing PAT Testing

PAT Testing

Fire alarm installation and repair services

Fire alarms/emergency lighting

We will never charge a penny to quote you and we will never exceed the budget agreed without your approval.

It is so easy to lose sight of the costs when there is somebody staring at you saying this needs to be done and that needs to be done when only a week earlier, they had agreed a price and you thought that would be it! SMJ Homecare treat each job  like a joint effort between our team and you – we will do what was agreed and if anything is stopping us from completing our job, we will let you know immediately and we can collectively agree what the next steps should be – whether it is not continuing or adding more actions, we will never put you in a corner.